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First and foremost we are a non-profit organization and member of the African conservation community we serve.  This allows you to volunteer in a way that maximizes your financial contribution to the projects you choose.

The driving force behind Enkosini Eco Experience is its Director of Philanthropy, Kelcey Grimm. Kelcey's wildlife experience started at an early age when she had the unique experience of raising a mountain lion cub in the United States. After graduating from Dartmouth and working for several years in private equity and investment banking in the San Francisco Bay area (Deutsche Bank and Summit Partners), Kelcey moved to South Africa in 2000 to commit her life to conservation.

From January – September 2001, Kelcey joined a lion breeding project in the Free State Province of South Africa where she first saw the horrors of the captive lion breeding industry - tame lions sold for canned hunts, cubs ripped away at birth from their mothers, lionesses forced into estrus for "speed breeding.'  In reaction to these horrors and in an attempt to save some of the lions she had personally raised, Kelcey co-founded the Enkosini Wildlife Reserve (now Lapolosa Wilderness) in 2001. She has since rescued a variety of wildlife, and now dedicates all her time to the education, management and social change needed to protect wildlife and wild lands in Africa.

Enkosini (derived from the Zulu word meaning “place of kings”) was formed to protect and preserve Africa’s wildlife and habitat. Enkosini provides a solution to mankind’s relentless push into the last remaining wild places of Africa and supplements the increasingly under-funded, and often inadequate, efforts of African governments to ensure the health, safety and survival of the animals in their charge. Our goal is to create a self-sustaining model of responsible conservation that preserves Africa's natural heritage (habitat and wildlife); enhances the South African economy through overseas capital infusion, local and international eco-tourism, and job creation; and promotes education and awareness of conservation issues.

Enkosini believes that education and collaboration with the local community are keys to conservation. We work locally and internationally to encourage and promote a positive attitude towards wildlife, to emphasize awareness of the issues involved in their endangerment, and to institute conservation-based employment.

Enkosini is a registered South African trust and a non-profit conservation project of The Lion Foundation, contributions to which may be tax-deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code for United States federal income tax purposes, ID Number: 91-2164693.